Hi and thanks for taking the time to have a read of my blog!

I’m a 41 year old man, a fat type 2 diabetic 41 year old man with Bi-polar and other issues to be precise.

I don’t want to be a fat man anymore, so with the help of a diet and exercise programme that I’m going to develop myself…I WILL change!

I hope this blog helps me by encouraging me to stay on track, and I hope it helps you  in some way too.

This blog will also cover aspects of my mental health and diabetes control..I hope I may be able to help people in those areas too.

I have experience in drinking far too much alcohol (and reducing it to nearly nothing) and self harming.

I am too ashamed of myself at the moment to share my real name or show photos with my face in, but I hope this will change in the future. I will be sharing photos however, but not of my face!

I have other interests I may mention a lot too such as fishing and painting (I’m teaching myself to paint) so this blog will not just be a diary of each day..more a diary of my workouts and diet etc with a lot of my thoughts and tips that have and do help me in daily life with everything from social phobias to stopping drinking or smoking.

Well thanks for reading this part and I hope you will find something that may help you!



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